Re-Arming Kit, 38g CO2

Re-Arming Kit, 38g CO2

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for Auto/Manual Pull PFD w/ V85000 Series Inflator
(3/8" Threaded Cartridge)

Part Number:V85000-86121Z

Compatibility: PFD's with a V85000 series auto/manual pull inflator which require a 38g CO2 cylinder with a 3/8" thread.

Kit Style: Automatic PFD's, self inflating

Kit Type: Complete kit to properly re-arm your PFD

Instructions: Yes

Components Included: CO2 cylinder, Indicator Pin (Green), Bobbin/Water Sensing Element (Yellow)

CO2 Cylinder: 38g CO2, 3/8" thread, marked as P/N 86121Z

Known Uses and PFD Models: 

      Coleman, Stearns, Sospenders, SOS

            38B (SOLAS)

            38C (SOLAS)








Other PFD's: Many which require a 38g CO2 cylinder with 3/8" thread.

Manufacturer's Rearm Kit/Model #: 

       Coleman, Stearns, Sospenders, SOS


USCG Approved kit and components: Yes

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