Adjustable Regulator - 50 psi
Adjustable Regulator - 50 psi

Adjustable Regulator - 50 psi

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Part Number:50047-001

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade Nickel plated brass and stainless steel construction
  • Burst disc, secondary and primary pressure relief safety ports
  • Four mounting holes on rear of body (4 x M5 thread)
  • 40 micron sintered screen gas filter 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made under ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485
  • 5/8"-18UNF female threaded inlet for use with Leland CO2TapGas Cylinders (P/N 50502)**
  • Stainless steel puncture pin

* *To use with a 3/8"-24UNF threaded CO2 cartridge, requires bushing 50037-001

Typical Operation:

  1. Turn knob to off position
  2. Screw in gas cartridge hand tight
  3. Turn knob to desired outlet pressure

How to select the right Leland regulator product:

  • 50047-000 Adjustable outlet pressure up to 19 psi - Ideal to preserve and push beer from kegs (Used widely in beverage industry and on all Leland CO2 PicnicTap products)
  • 50047-001 Adjustable outlet pressure up to 50 psi, used to carbonate beverages and fruit
  • 50047-004 Adjustable outlet pressure up to 80 psi, used to carbonate beverages and fruit

Warning: Using high pressure gas cartridges and regulators can be dangerous. Always wear eye protection. Using Leland gas cartridges and cylinders assures your device will function properly as we only provide brewery approved CO2 in clean cylinders.  Do not be tempted to be penny-wise and dollar foolish, we bring value, quality and superior service to the table everyday.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - The function of the regulator is covered when used with Leland gas cylinders and cartridges, it has not been opened or tampered with or been subjected to liquid immersion. We'll repair or replace and pay return freight only for warranty claims.

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