How Do I Prepare Used Gas Cylinders for Recycling?

1. Make certain the cylinder is empty. An empty cylinder will exhibit a small puncture hole on the flat top.If not punctured, do not recycle until the gas has been removed. Usually, the apparatus that came with the cylinder can be used to puncture the cylinder. Be careful; high pressure gas can sprayat you or persons nearby. If you are unsure, contact us.

2. Remove any decorative wrapping or attachments. Some cylinders have plastic labeling which can be easily removed. Some have a plastic fitting glued onto the top.Check your local Recycling program to understand if you need to separate metals from plastics and follow that guidance.Today, every community has guidelines as to how you should separate your recyclables.

I have full cylinders which I want to recycle, how do I do that?
You will need to get the gas out of the cylinder using the device which uses that gas cylinder. It has the
designed puncture pin built in. You can contact that manufacturer if you have a question about that device.

Can I return full cylinders to Leland for processing and recycling?
We are committed to assist you, it is our purpose. However, the shipping of gas filled cylinders is controlled by a set of complex shipping laws designed to protect you, the freight carrier and the general public.

Once the cylinder is punctured, is there any residue or remnants remaining?
No. Once the gas is gone, nothing else remains inside the cylinder. Under current US law, it is not legal to  refill the cylinders we provide.This class of cylinder was not designed for refilling and doing so would be very dangerous. Please take a moment to look over these simple steps for recycling steel cylinders. Steel can easily be melted down and reused which is a very small  environmental impact when compared to the making of new raw steel from mining  operations.The metal which is used to fabricate Leland's gas filled cartridges is a low carbon steel which means it lends itself well to being melted down and used as recyclable content in another product.To properly recycle,first make certain there is no gas remaining in the cartridge. A puncture hole through the small end of the cartridge means the gas has been evacuated as there is no valve in the cartridge. Remove any labeling,if applicable,  and place in a recycling collection container as you would with beverage or food cans.

Gas filled cylinders contain high pressure. Cylinder may rupture violently if mishandled by subjecting to heat, crushing or mutilating. Do not attempt to alter a filled gas cylinder.Keep away from children and do not point towards your face or persons nearby.Note: The cartridges are not designed to be refilled.It is against US Federal law to refill and transport our cartridges.

We are here to help you. If you have a question, please contact us:
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