Cylinder Storage

Applicability: All Leland Disposable Gas Filled Cylinders filled with Non Flammable Gases

This supplemental information to Leland's Shelf Life Document is intended to inform all concerned parties as to the potential dangers of storage in elevated temperatures and how to reduce the risk of cylinder rupture

Proper labeling to consumers is essential. These are examples of wording we have seen our customers use:

Do Not Heat  |  Stow Cool  |  Do not heat over 140°F
Do not incinerate
  |  Do not leave on dashboard of car in sun

Possible risks or dangers of conditioning cylinders to elevated temperatures include rupture of the cylinder body thus resulting in a powerful and uncontrolled release of energy. When we take cylinders to destructive temperatures we contain the cylinder in a special steel chamber made of 0.65" thick steel plate. Additionally, the cylinder releasing the energy may become a dangerous projectile. We have had cylinders embed themselves into a cement block wall.

The risk of cylinder rupture has been essentially eliminated on these Leland cylinders by means of a patented safety cap which produces a micro-crack to allow high pressure gas to escape:

49615HE  |  2.4g
  |  Helium Filled
    74g   |  CO2
       74g   |  CO2 Leland Power Clean II Refills
       38g   |  CO2 Leland Power Clean I Refills
       74g   |  CO2 PicnicTap Refills, 1/4 keg kit
       74g   |  CO2 PicnicTap Refills 1/2 keg kit
        18g   |  CO2

Any unplanned release of a liquefied vapor such as CO2 or N2O will also result in freezing liquid being released, one should always take steps to cover eyes or unprotected skin as freezing liquids are often as low as -50
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